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About Us

The objective is to be able to understand the difficulties being faced by the modern society and to develop smart solutions from the minutest to the gravest of problems to sort them out and which could help mankind proceed and progress by staying focused on their daily tasks with as little impediments as possible. Using modern day techniques and also making use of not only Smartphones but also other Smart devices and Smart individuals will be the focus initially.

We also look forward to tie-ups with governments and non-government organizations to bring about methodologies which are citizen friendly and sustainable to the society as a whole.

We’re also open to the concept of collaborating with private players from outside India and within India as well who are looking forward to setting up their foot in the Indian market place where the opportunities are in abundance.

Current Projects

Our first project related to the Traffic Violations scenes prevailing since last so many years in India is also in the pipeline and is in talks with the State Government.

It basically involves empowering the citizens via a crowd sourced mobile platform which allows recording of “traffic violations” which can be submitted to the system in return of some monetary rewards. This platform could not only help bring down traffic violations but also induce fears in the minds of citizens that they are being watched while on the roads.

Discipline on the roads can be thus achieved in a shorter time span due to the behavioral impact as the citizens will be aware of such a system and wouldn’t want to violate traffic rules for fear of challans/tickets being issued to them. We could also see reduction in accidents on the roads as drivers will be more alert.

It becomes very interesting for state governments this way to not only bring about the much needed impact in terms of law and order with regards to traffic (traffic violations to be precise) but also very effectively and in a shorter period of time and also giving them revenues in terms of additional challans generated and subsequently collected. The amounts collected in a month's duration could be what they would have collected for a period of a year or two.

This system will act as an additional surveillance system for the governments and the best part is that they need not spend a single penny for setting this up. Plus this will bring in additional revenues to the states from violations.We’ve named this platform as “Traffic Sahayak” and If implemented, we could see a sea of change in the way India drives on its roads.


Our Mentors

Our Startup is going to get mentored by TiE Pune under it's TiE Nurture program under which they look for startups with brillian scalable ideas and how they can help such startups get on with the current challenges and reach the next level to taste bigger success. We have been assigned 2 fantastic mentors, the first being in the form of Mr Vineet Patni who is on the Adviosry Board of many leading companies in Healthcare sector after working in good positions in Financial Services, Insurance and Banking Sectors.The second of our mentors is Mr Subhash Bal an alumnus of IIT Bombay and held senior executive positions in marketing, sales, product development with both start-ups and multibillion-dollar international organizations.Currently he is mentoring and advising startups in Internet businesses (e.g. IOT, market analytics, ERP, education), enterprise systems and semiconductor in US and India.

The Specialists

Starting off as a One Person Company, this Smart Organization is just like a One Many Army at the beginning and being run by the Founder and Director Siddhant Malani. Certain tasks like software development were outsourced initially, but since the last year or so almost all of the activities right from Software development, Marketing (including In-bound and Out-bound growth), Recruiting, Customer Service, Corporate Tie-ups and other responsibilities are being managed in-house.

We have our backend being managed by Anushka Sehrawat who is helping us out despite being in Final year engineering, while our App Development is being looked upon by Saurabh Thorat who has close to 2 years expertise in the Android development domain.

Amit Chavan running his own Startup Effcode Technologies and CTO for 2 more startups into warehousing and sports is helping us out as our virtual CTO with regards to the Technology front


As our Startup expands, so will our requirement for the right talent. Want to work with us? To see the Current Job Openings

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